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Development process
1999   Clean environment real-time monitoring system was successfully used in Shanghai Hualian Pharmaceutical Factory for the first time.
2002   FL-1 air volume tester won the title of “National Patent Product”, breaking up foreign monopoly.
2003   AAS series anti-explosion second-level air shower was put into use.
2004   0.3um 1cfm (28.3L/min) dust particle counter was successfully researched and developed in combination with Nanjing University of Science and Technology.
2005   SX-F5130 filter material inspection bench (the minimum particle size: 0.1um) was put into commercial use for the first time.
2006   SX-H1015 efficient filter scanning test bench was successfully put into commercial use.
2007   SX-H1015 (D) filter test bench (dust collector filter core) was supplied to Fenchurch.sz.
2008   We developed environment-controlled clothing cleanliness inspection system equipment according with IEST-RP-CC003.3, and formally put it into the market. The products included Helmke Tumbling Box, Body BOX, cleanroom garment fabric test bench.
2009   Efficient filter scanning test bench won the title of “National Patent Product”.
2010   Automatic leakage detection vehicle for air supply opening of cleanroom high-efficiency filter won national patent.
2011   Clean fabric filtration efficiency test bench won national patent.
2012   The research and development of filter material performance test bench won “2012 S&T Progress Award” issued by Filter Specialized Committee of Basic Part Branch of China Internal Combustion Engine Institute.
2012   We won the enterprise title of “Technological Leading Talent” in Suzhou Industrial Park.
2013   The first particle counting method test bench (SX-L1030 air filter) in China came out.
2013   We became a council unit of Shanghai Indoor Environment Purification Industry Association.
2013   We became a marketing channel sales company (Suxin Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.)
2014   We became a council unit of Suzhou Clean Industry Association.
June, 2015   We won the title of “Jiangsu Technology-based SMEs”.
November, 2015   We won high-tech product certificate.
November, 2016   We won the title of “National High-tech Enterprise”.

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