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Talent Concept
Ability and integrity, to Germany first Shangxian energy , the result is the first common development and common prosperity together
Talent is the development of competition in this . Suxin first resource personnel for enterprises , the talent -oriented corporate culture as one of the five criteria , and to rely on talent as a fundamental prerequisite for the development of enterprises , the progress of human progress as the source of enterprise development , to promote enterprise and staff development as a fundamental objective of common talent strategy .
In the daily work of the human resources , the Soviet Union tried to give all kinds of talents letter fully display their talents on the stage , be utilized, can make the best use . At the same time , through a variety of effective ways to continuously improve the overall quality of human resource management and personnel , and promote the development of enterprises and employees to each other and allow employees to share business development results and achieve common development, sharing of success.
First, the ability and integrity, to Germany first
Sima Guang in the " Mirror" that " only those who , Germany 's capital also ; virtues , just as handsome ." Visible , "Germany " and " only" the soul and the guide , "virtue" by " only " to play, " only " by" virtue " to the commander. Therefore, the " ability and integrity, to Germany first " should correctly grasp is both heavy " German " heavy "only" , to Germany first , " Germany " and "only" one-sided emphasis on neither , nor equate , only in the "moral" guidance , "only" the higher the better . Ability and integrity, to Germany for the first letter has been insisting Su recruitment concept .
Second, Shangxian energy , the results for the first
In employment , the Su Xinjian support talent, and create ideas , not just academic abilities , not just a re- diploma level , employers see potential, the ability to see , to see the results . " Race horses " to judge talent as a result of the standard . And through the establishment of a fair competition mechanism and a good cultural environment , every employee to fully mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, so that employees love their job and do their best, do people fit the event, things fit its people, expertise and resources only the best use.
Third, common development and common prosperity together
No staff's efforts , there is no successful business , there is no successful business , there will not be successful employees. Employees and businesses grow together, common development, the Soviet Union has consistently adhered to the letter of talent development concept . Sue letter encourages employees to their own development and long-term planning by combining a variety of ways to grow and develop models for employees. As a staff development to enhance and realize the value of the platform , Sue letter for every employee efforts to create favorable growth conditions determined taught to every employee to provide a broad space for development, so that employees can play the greatest potential to achieve common development of employees and enterprises . At the same time , adhere to rely on staff development , staff development , staff development achievements and share ideas , focusing on the interests of both enterprises and employees into account , promote unity and cooperation among enterprises and employees , work together to create and share value, and ultimately achieve business and employees jointly develop and share the success of a win-win situation.
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