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SX-L1050 filter efficiency test stand successfully supplied to Deakin University, Australia

Customer Testimonials
Release time:
2018/05/10 11:51

SX-L1050 filter efficiency test bed is designed and manufactured by our company according to international ISO 29463 and European EN 1822 standard. It is used for non-woven filter material, glass fiber filter material, filter efficiency of new filter material and resistance detection. As early as in 1995, our company launched the first filter test bench for the market. After many upgrades, the performance of the product has been continuously improved. The current SX-L1050 test platform has been the third generation of products. The product is successfully supplied to Australia, indicating that our products have high international competitiveness.

The SX-L1050 test platform can use both monodisperse aerosol and multi dispersive aerosol. The three tests of 32L/min, 85L/min, and 95L/min can be selected for users to meet the requirements of different customers. The design of the test stand is compact and lightweight, and the operability and stability of the test have been well received by Australian customers. The right 4 below is our engineer who goes to Australia to debug equipment for customers.

General survey of Deakin University
The Deakin University (Deakin University), established in 1974, is one of the top universities in Australia. It provides bachelor, master's, doctoral programs and professional training. The quality of teaching is well known worldwide, with more than 70000 students from home and abroad. Deakin University is Australia's only two time to win the honor of the annual key university. In 1995, Deakin University was awarded the annual "science and Technology Education Award" by the excellent university guide, and was awarded the "outstanding training and Education Award" in 1999.
There are five campuses in Deakin University, with two major campuses in Melbourne: Melbourne Campusat Burwood, Melbourne Campusat Toorak, and two other campuses in the second largest cities of the state: Geelong Campusat Waurn Ponds, Geelong Waterfront, and a school district in the beautiful coastal city of Wata South wave: Mbool Campus.



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