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Purification of the function and precautions of the air shower room

Purification of the function and precautions of the air shower room

Release time:
2018/03/21 16:46
Cleaning air shower room, wind drenching channel is a clean room cleanroom cleanroom necessary purification equipment, versatility, and all clean rooms and clean workshops for use. When workers enter the workshop, the equipment must be passed through this equipment, with a strong clean air and a rotating nozzle from all directions to the human body. Effective and quick removal of dust, hair, hair and other debris that is attached to clothing can reduce the pollution problems caused by people entering and leaving the clean room. The interlock of the two gates of the air shower can act as an air brake chamber to prevent external pollution and unpurified air from entering the clean area. Eliminate staff hair, dust, bacteria into the workshop, to achieve strict dust cleaning standards in the workplace, and produce high quality products.
Purifying air shower room is a kind of local cleaning equipment with strong versatility. It is installed between clean room and non clean room. When people and goods want to enter the clean area, they need to be cleaned by the cleaning room, and the clean air from the clean air can remove the dust carried by the man and the goods, and can effectively block or reduce the dust source into the clean area. The front and rear two doors of the air shower are interlocked electronically, and can also act as air locks to prevent unpurified air from entering the clean area. The wind shower room is used in the series of wind drenching room series and goods drenching room. There are a variety of combinations, such as unilateral blowing, bilateral blowing, top blowing, and many other choices, such as manual door, automatic door, fast rolling curtain door and so on.
Here is a simple understanding of the matters needing attention when using the air shower room.