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First,anoverview  Accordingtotherelevantforeignstandardsandnorms:EuropeanstandardEN779.ASHRAE52.2,wehavedevelopedaSX-EN779airfiltertestbedforgeneralventilation.Atpresent,wehaveestablishedacooperativep
First, an overview
According to the relevant foreign standards and norms: European standard EN779.ASHRAE52.2, we have developed a SX-EN779 air filter test bed for general ventilation. At present, we have established a cooperative platform with universities in Europe and China to explore new ideas for the universality of test results.
Two. System composition
The 1. is mainly composed of two parts: the test pipeline system and the electric control survey system.
2. the test pipeline system consists of six parts, with a total length of about 11m.
Part one mixing room
Second part average flow section
The third part is the test tube section
Fourth part downstream sampling section
Fifth part transition section
Sixth part fan section
3. electrical control and related measurement parts
Netscada software system combined with well-known PLC electrical appliances, combined to form an electrical control cabinet, aerosol generator, the start and stop of the dust feeder, the upstream and downstream particle count conversion. The action of the inflatable seal is automatically controlled by the corresponding solenoid valve. Air volume, pressure difference, pressure, temperature and humidity are measured by an electronic sensor transmitter installed on the pipe and communicated with the PC, generating data acquisition and processing. The weighing efficiency is weighed by the electronic balance, and the quality signal is generated. The upper limit setting value of the safety filter is monitored and executed by the differential switch.
Three. System function
The test platform implements the initial resistance, the final resistance, the counting efficiency, the weight efficiency, the dust volume and other conventional performance tests and measurements of the G, M and F filters according to EN779, and generates reports and curves, and classifying the tested filters automatically.
Four. Technical indicators
1. adjustable range of test air volume: 60-5000m /h
2. test air volume error: less than 5%
3. aerosol concentration stability (repeatability): less than + 5%
The distribution uniformity of the 4. air sol: less than 15%
Zero count of 5. particle counter: less than 10pc/min (0.2 m~0.3 m~0.3 m)
6. the range of efficiency detection: 20 to 9 9 9%;
7. zero efficiency test: less than 3% (diameter less than 1 mu m)
Less than + 7% (particle size > 1 m)
8. leakage (soap bubble test): no bubble (5Kpa inside tube).
9. resistance detection range: 0-600Pa
10. resistance test accuracy: 0-70Pa + 2Pa; > 70Pa + 3% reading value.
11. aerosol material: DEHS
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