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Filter test table


Filter test table

First,anoverview  Thefiltertesttable(SX-Q1351)ismainlybasedonrelevantstandardsandspecifications:thequalitycontrolelementsofthetestbedofISO11155,QC/T795-1:2007,suchaspipeleakage,dustoccurrence,flowtest
First, an overview
The filter test table (SX-Q1351) is mainly based on relevant standards and specifications: the quality control elements of the test bed of ISO11155, QC/T 795-1:2007, such as pipe leakage, dust occurrence, flow test, resistance test, different filter replacement, flow control and so on.
Two. The component part of the test platform
1. power part
2. aerosol generator part
The aerosol generator can continuously and steadily generate DEHS particles (particle size range 0.3-3 m).
3. particle counter part
The particle counter adopts the special particle counter developed by Su Xin, whose sampling rate is 2.83L/min and the particle size is 0.3 micron M-10 m.
4. jigs and structural parts
The material of the pipeline is made of 304 stainless steel to prevent corrosion and rust. In structural design, how to facilitate the replacement of pipelines (when testing different sizes of filters) has been taken into account.
5. flow monitoring part
Flow detection using V cone flowmeter
6. differential pressure monitoring part
Pressure difference detection using imported DWYER electronic differential pressure sensor
7. flow control section
Automatic adjustment of flow through electric regulating valve
8. industrial control data processing section
Including PLC, software and electrical control, etc.
Three. The main technical parameters of the test table
1. basic parameters
1.1 power supply voltage: three AC 380V + 5% 50Hz + 2Hz power consumption of about 5.5KW
1.2 compressed air: 4-8kg/cm2
1.3 dust source: DEHS
1.4 anti electric shock grade I grade
2. environmental conditions
2.1 temperature: 15-25 degrees centigrade
2.2 relative humidity: less than 75%RH
2.3 atmospheric pressure: 68kPa-106kPa
3. technical requirements
3.1 flow
3.1.1 measurement range: 150-600m /h
3.1.2 measurement accuracy: + 5%
3.1.3 measurement stability: + 3%
3.2 resistance
3.2.1 measurement range: 0-250pa
3.2.2 measurement accuracy: 0-100pa + 5pa > 100Pa + 5%
3.3 aerosol
3.3.1 aerosol uniformity is less than 15%
3.4 particle counter correction
Correction of 3.4.1 particle counter is corrected according to JJF1190-2008 (particle counter calibration specification).
3.5 test-bed counting efficiency repeatability
The repeatability of 3.5.1 was less than 40% less than 15%
Efficiency is greater than 40% less than 5%
Four. Test steps of a test stand
1. Counting efficiency test steps
1.1 fill in relevant information as required, such as filter number, product batch number, test flow rate and so on.
1.2 put the test filter into the test fixture
1.3 click on the "efficiency test" button, the test station automatically adjusts the flow to the rated traffic and indicates that the flow rate is adjusted.
1.4 open the dust generator and adjust the size of the dust, make the upstream concentration meet the test requirements, click the software "determine" button and start the automatic counting efficiency test.
1.5 when the test is completed, the results can be printed.
1.6 turn off the dust generator, fan and so on replace the test filter to start or turn off.
2. Resistance test steps
2.1 fill in relevant information as required, such as filter number, product batch number, test flow rate and so on.
2.2 put the test filter into the test fixture
2.3 click on the "resistance test" button, the test bench will automatically complete the resistance test, and prompt the end of the test.
2.4 when the test is completed, the results can be printed and printed.
2.5 turn off the fan and replace the test filter to start or turn off.
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