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High efficiency filter scanning test rig


High efficiency filter scanning test rig

First,anoverview  Suxinbasedonthestandardsandstandardsathomeandabroad:EuropeanstandardEN1822,AmericanStandardIEST-PR.CC021,nationalstandardGB6166-85andsoon,andreceivedcooperationandguidancefromtheTong
First, an overview
Suxin based on the standards and standards at home and abroad: European standard EN1822, American Standard IEST-PR.CC021, national standard GB6166-85 and so on, and received cooperation and guidance from the Tongji University of Shanghai. The National Clean Technology Association Leaders and experts carefully guide and care, develop and produce the SX-H1200 high efficiency filter scanner test bed.
Two, component part
1. wind power part
2. medium effect, high efficiency filtration and aerosol atomization part
3. flow sharing section
4. the sealed part of the filter was installed
5. scanning detection part, containing 5 SX-L310 dust particle counter (28.3L/min, 0.3um minimum particle size).
6. electrical control and data processing part, LCD display computer.
Three. The main technical performance
1. aerosol concentration of DESH 0.3um to 0.5um is greater than 70%.
2. scanning speed is less than 5cm/s (adjustable)
3. sampling rate is more than 28.3L/min + 5%
4. times the dilution of 100 times
5. the range of filter efficiency can be measured: the flat type high efficiency filter is less than 99.999% or equal to 90%.
6. range of measurable resistance range from 0 to 500Pa
7. the uniformity of wind velocity at the measured section is less than 10%
8. detection coverage 100%
9. anti electric shock grade I level
The 10. output air volume is 500-3500m3/h + 5% 11, insulation resistance is equal to 50M Omega 12 under normal condition, power supply voltage: single phase AC 220V + 5%, three-phase AC 380V + 5%, frequency 50Hz + 2Hz, power consumption 7kW less than + 5%
Four. Main functions
1. can detect filter efficiency
2. can detect the filtration resistance
3. filter size range: 484 x 484~1220 x 1220mm; thickness range: 50 ~ 300mm
4. realization of scanning leak detection
5. connection with production streamline
Five. Test environmental conditions
1. temperature: 23 C + 5 C
2. relative humidity: 55%RH + 15%
3. atmospheric pressure: 68kPa~106kPa
4. level of environmental purification: level 10000
Six. System characteristics
The actual use of the 1. filter is mostly horizontal horizontal installation, from top to bottom. The SX-H1200 test bench simulates the actual running state to make the test results more realistic, and the measured filter level is placed, the air supply is from up to down, the sampling probe is closely attached to the filter out of the wind surface (the distance is less than 50mm), and the horizontal scan.
2. the test rig adopts the pneumatic way to install and seal the tested filter. It is simple, fast and reliable. Break through the previous installation mode, effectively solve the problem of sealing.
3. the diluent used in the system is the bypass diluent specified by Euro standard EN1822, which can make the dilution rate large and reliable.
The 4.SX-H1200 test bench uses 4 sets of sampling heads and 4 large flow laser particle counters (SX-310 Series), so that the scanning of the X direction is completed once. At present, each filter can detect 2 to 3min of the filter and shorten the scanning time.
The 5.SX-H1200 test platform uses an advanced online monitoring software system, and all the scanning and detection processes are directly reflected on the computer LCD display and are clear at a glance. The final data processing. All the results are automatically printed out. The printed paper is a single offset offset paper. The results can be directly attached to the tested filter, and the identity card is managed and the user is convenient.
6. customers can also be customized on this standard test bench according to the implementation requirements.
7. equipment covers an area of 3000*2500*2500mm (long * width * height) + 5 degrees centigrade.
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